GA Serves America:

Welcome to the AOPA Foundation’s GA Serves America Initiative

The AOPA Foundation is funding programs that will raise awareness of general aviation among non-pilots, teach pilots how to communicate effectively with the media, and promote positive stories about the varied ways GA serves all Americans.

With funding from the AOPA Foundation, a public relations initiative is informing local, regional, and national media about the many good works performed by the general aviation community every day. We’re also funding a project to provide pilots with the tools they need to answer questions from the media, whether they are speaking to reporters after an accident or promoting an airport open house. And then there’s the need to clarify just what general aviation is and what it does. We’re giving pilots the tools they need to make meaningful presentations about GA for Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce groups, local decision makers, and others who could benefit from a deeper understanding of aviation in their communities.

Those of us who fly already know just how much general aviation has to offer everyone—even those who never take flight themselves. Now we have a responsibility to share that knowledge.

Thank you for your support of the AOPA Foundation.